One should not misunderstand the difference between tokens and cryptocurrencies themselves. Tokens are slightly different, in the fact that they are not their own blockchain but rather built on top of another blockchain. Ethereum as a platform allows many other cryptocurrencies to use it as a base.

A non-token cryptocurrency, on the other hand, has it's own blockchain architecture on which it relies. As such, when indexing all the crypto tokens many popular blockchains are not counted as these are not tokens on another blockchain. Bitcoin, Litecoin, IOTA, NEO, NEM, are some examples of non-token crypto's, and these are not weighed in this comparison.

It does, however, include many well known cryptocurrencies like: EOS, BAT, OMG, BNB, 0x, WTC, and many more which are all ERC20 tokens.


ERC 20 Token Introduction


Ethereum has a bright future and this is possibly because of the Erc20 tokens.

They are similar like stocks or shareholder rights but compared with the established paper certifications currently stored in communal banks, better understandable and more decentral, less complicated, with weak developed legislation codex, the weaker developer legislation codex, attracts New people to found start ups, and be active and creative in the economy, thats what the current overregulated financial market isnt capable to do, New people constantly fear risks, so they dont found a company,

this fact makes icos actually inevitable future and part of the financial market ethereum is just a service among others in this.

ERC20 Tokens are meant to represent something of value. These tokens, issued on the Ethereum blockchain, either represent a financial value or exist in some form as a digital asset.  

In the beginning, compatibility with projects and services was a major issue and concern throughout the community. Thus came the ERC20 token standard, which was supposed to make it easier for tokens to have native support for future projects.  

ERC20 succeeded in this, with virtually all existing tokens making the switch practically overnight. 

The ERC20 Tokens have their own specific niche

ERC20 tokens future is based on its uniqueness and project success prospective. It's just like investing in a stock.

ERC20 is a protocol standard for trading, I believe the future of such tokens depends on their quality and of the product they are related To

They are aimed for an industry that forecasts to double in value and users by 2020, so projections are that it will increase its value 30-40x on the next few years