* Trial Trading executed - P2P its Live - Announcement June 2018

** Binance & Lykke confirmed HitBtc under Review -Announcement July 2018

CoinBase Announced ERC20 Support - Potential - Too early to comment :)

About Us

We do Nothing

Just BE Early 

Sometime We Create Value for Others


Enough :) ,

ThoreCoin is a standard ERC20 token, so you can hold it and transfer it & sell IT

Other than that… nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Will ThoreCoin be traded on any exchanges

9 Listing Done 

 Thorecoin transparently offers investors no value.THR represents a basket of top-traded high-demand coins Simply put, it’s a Basket of Multiple cryptocurrencies in which you can invest by buying  tokens, without the need to buy each cryptocurrency separately. It’s an opportunity to easily participate in the growth of cryptocurrencies. It’s a simple and comprehensible solution. You need to monitor only one price – the price of the #THR Token   By buying a Token, you get a share in this portfolio, THR token is traded as any other coin 24/7. Simply and quickly.Few investors, few investors means few transactions & Lot of Inhouse GAIN is Single Point Agenda